What I like about our temporary home

Sofia’s update: she had some low grade fever on Friday and woke up Saturday fever free. She is otherwise doing well and yesterday the girls enjoyed 1 hour of netflix before bedtime. Lizzy is doing well too.

My trip to Jakarta is pushing through. I am excited to meet with the team in person, and meet with some counterparts for the first time. I might do some furniture sightseeing after work too.

It has been 5 days since we moved to our new “home” and despite being 1/3 of our old condo size, I like it a lot. Things I like:

  • It’s very functional. It has all we need to live comfortably.
  • It has many cabinets so I can store everything and avoid visual clutter
  • The couch is super comfortable, even more than ours.
  • The light above the dining table. It creates a cozy atmosphere when we eat
  • The dim light in the bathrooms. I don’t like bright lights anytime of the day, so I really like just turning the dim light.
  • The service is great. Whenever we ask for something, someone comes to fix it within 2 hours.
  • The small living room gathers us together all the time. In our old condo, everyone is scattered around the house.
  • The old fashion AC that makes “white noise”. It actually helps me to sleep because it covers husband’s snoring. hahahah.

Let me finish this short post with Cookie on my laptop pic. Hubby said it’s because it’s warm. She looks so comfy there.

3 thoughts on “What I like about our temporary home

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so the same way about preferring dim lights. We have dimmer switches on almost all of our overhead lights in our house, and in the bathroom I prefer to turn on the light over the shower and then for the main light by the sink, I keep it lower. This is one thing I miss a LOT when we travel. At my in laws house in Mexico, they have a single SUPER bright light in the bathroom, right over the sink. It was driving me crazy. Not only because I find the bright light so harsh and bothersome, but it also makes me look horrible. Hahaha. I don’t need to see my face illuminated up close under that bright of light! It seems that also no one (at the houses we were at) utilizes LAMPS. They just have the bright main light fixture, and it is common for them to not even have a cover on it- it’s literally just a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Yuck!! At home I rarely turn our overhead lights on and rely mostly on softer lamps, from our bedroom to the living room and even in my office. Everything looks so much nicer too. I can’t figure out how the people in Mexico where we were could possibly enjoy having those bright lights on all the time! My husband says he thinks that’s just the only thing they know, so no one really thinks twice about it. They’re just used to it I guess.


  2. I HATE showering with lights on. I’m not sure why. Natural light from the window is fine, but if I have to shower at night, I like to turn on the nightlight to shower. I also like lamp light much better than overhead lights.

    I’m so glad you’re making the most of your new location. It sounds like it’s functional and cozy. Kudos for finding silver linings in the middle of a tough situation.


  3. I like dimmers, too, but we only have them in our living room and the boys’ bedrooms. It would be nice to have them in the bathroom as I don’t need such bright light, especially in the morning.

    Your new temporary home sounds great! And it’s a nice way to transition to living in a slightly smaller space!


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