Home sweet home

I am so glad to be back home.

Sitting together for a normal dinner feels special.

Watching the girls eagerly wanting to say something, raising their hands, make me smile.

Sleeping in my own bed, despite having to endure hubby’s snore, is comforting.

Having my mom comforting the girls while I’m not home feels safe and assuring.

My main task this week is to plan for hubby’s 40th birthday this Saturday. I already booked the venue for dinner celebration, still thinking what to buy as gift, and potentially an overnight trip for to explore a new golf course.

The only thing missing in my life now is running!!! still few more days until I am cleared to get back to running. I stopped running almost 3 weeks ago when I got sick… the lack of morning run is really hitting me. Can’t wait to get back to it, slowly as I don’t have to train for any race soon, just want to get the mental benefit of it.

3 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. I’m so glad you’re home. This is a big ordeal to have behind you. I’m sure it’s such a relief that things went smoothly. And how wonderful the girls were able to have such a special time with your Mom.

    I can imagine you’re very excited to be able to resume normal physical activities!


  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound! Between your Berlin trip and now this, it seems you’ve had more time away from the girls than usual. I hope you enjoyed your little “mini break” from reality, even though it involved surgery and maybe wasn’t that fun really. Good luck with the birthday planning!! I just hate buying gifts for my husband. Honestly, he is impossible to buy for. I wish that weren’t the case because it really kind of sucks all the joy out of giving him a gift. But he always seems to get me GREAT gifts, which then makes it all that much worse. I like to argue that I am just simply easier to buy for, because I like a lot of different things, have a variety of interests that lend themselves to buying things, etc… and he just doesn’t really. His main outside interest/ activity is soccer, and there just isn’t a lot of stuff to buy for that! I feel like some guys are really into, like, tools or household projects, which mine really isn’t. And he usually just buys himself clothes or things that he wants, and he is picky about the fabrics and styles….ugh!!! Anyway, I hope you have better luck. I’m trying to figure out my husband’s christmas gifts right now. Blah.


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