Ready to go home

My solo trip is coming to an end. Last minute twist made me check in at a hotel for my last night in Manila. It was a good twist as I got to spend one day all by myself, at a hotel that I wanted to try but never got to.

I enjoyed time alone a lot, but I am ready to go back to hug my girls and my husband. They are home.

Few thoughts from this trip:

  • Anything medical related is stressful. While now I believe the surgery is very safe, the doctor and the entire medical team super experienced and cautious, I was quite stressed out two weeks prior to it. I am extremely grateful that all went well.
  • I need to be alone from time to time. While I communicated with the family every day, we didn’t spend long time facetiming. I enjoy being mom and wife, and I enjoy being myself without any role. It’s only when I travel alone, I realize that I have another role to play (being myself).
  • Manila feels home, really. I wonder if I had the chance, will I want to come back? should I?
  • Giving the body a full rest is not that hard. I thought I cannot live without moving my body in a daily basis. I did fine this week without doing much than some walking.
  • Getting back to my old self. Now that I can see my face, I feel finding my old self back. This is the feeling I’ve been missing since I had to stop using contact lenses early this year. I am so glad that I got myself back. 🙂

One thought on “Ready to go home

  1. I am glad everything went smoothly and you had a chance to recharge your battery in a familiar place! Hopefully your new home feels like “home” with time – it’s such a process for that to happen, though!!


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