Bali day 1 and 2

We were so ready for our Bali trip! I really miss some beach time, to hear the waves (natural soothing sounds), to get bored, and to fully relax. We are going back to Bali 5 years later since our last visit, with my mom again. 🙂

Our trip was interesting. First we got to the wrong taxi, then went to the wrong terminal, but then the check in process and flight went smooth. We got to our hotel 3pm, didn’t know Bali was ahead of Jakarta for an hour. We were welcomed by some fresh flowers at the lobby.

After checking our rooms the girls went to the kids club for a while before we all headed out to explore the other side of the resort. We are staying at Rimba by Ayana, and we can use all the facilities by Ayana resorts. It’s a huge resort with over 10 pools and 10 restaurants and bars. It’s secluded from the main road so everything is being provided in the resort.

Our first of the 3 hotels of this trip is located and Jumbaran, an area of Bali that is on the cliff, so access to the beach is a journey itself.

We wanted to check out the Rock bar, a bar that is built on the cliff. But it was full so we turned around and found another place for dinner.

We got back to our room before 8pm. I watched some more of Knives Out and fell asleep before 9:30pm.

I slept very well, got 98 on my oura ring. Maybe the highest score of the year.

I woke up with some rain but it stopped just before we left the hotel to go to the beach. We saw many monkeys on our way there.

Since we were on the cliff, going down to the beach requires many steep steps. This is not friendly for kids and elderly so the hotel built an elevator on the cliff!!! So cool.

The beach is rather small but beautiful.

There were more rains when we were at the beach so I just relaxed, enjoyed the sound of the ocean, which is what I came for.

We left before 11am as more people came and the small beach became too busy and noisy. We moved to the pool area, rented a cabana with a swing. Girls went to the pool, grandma relaxed. I went to the nearby market to get some water, fruits, and milk. When I got back, I went to the gym for some jogging. I usually exercise in the morning fasted, so jogging later in the day felt weird. I didn’t run as much as planned but got a good sweat.

We took a rest in the room while Sofia had her zoom lesson. then we went back to the rock bar, this time with reservation.

Another elevator down through the cliff to get to the bar. so cool!!!

The bar was indeed very cool and has a very relaxing vibe. Good music, amazing sunset view, and ocean sound. Couldn’t get better.

We walked around a bit more by the sea before it turned dark and we got back home.

Time flies when on vacation. We have one more night at this hotel and then we will move to seminyak area to explore another area of Bali.

3 thoughts on “Bali day 1 and 2

  1. Looks very green and lush!! Looks like a great time. Love that last pic of Lizzy in front of the ocean. I miss the ocean! It feels like a long time since I’ve been to the ocean, but I guess it’s only been about 6 months since we were in California. At least we are now just a couple months from our spring break trip to Costa Rica, so I’ll see the ocean then. And monkeys!! We definitely don’t have monkeys here, so I’m excited about that. Love your monkey pic! Have a fun rest of your trip!


  2. How beautiful!! There is nothing like being by the ocean! That sound is so soothing. I loved laying in the hammock on our patio when we were in Mexico! The sound of the ocean is one of my favorite things!

    This sounds like an amazing trip so far – can’t wait to hear what else you do! And how fun to have your mom along, too!


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