I turned 42 last night. 41 was quite a year, a lot of changes and uncertainties. I am grateful for the experiences and friendships I formed in the last few years. Good or bad, they are all making me who I am, making me a more rounded person, reminding me what really matters in life. Most importantly, we grew as a family together, closer, stronger, and more united.

My day started with 20 min meditation (I am loving it!!!) in a quiet room. Then I went out for a run without a distance target, just let me body guide me. I ended up running 8.3 miles, more than enough to feel the sweat. Unfortunately, I developed a headache after the run that didn’t go away until dinner time. Despite not feeling my greatest on my birthday, I made myself to be cheerful, boosting the mood of the entire family.

While we prepared for dinner party, we watched Emily in Paris season 3. This is not a series I need to sit and watch, ut as background sound is perfect, candies for the eyes.

Sofia helped out with marshmallows while watching the series. It was her favorite dish the night before so she wanted to have it again

Meanwhile, I made this which turned out so pretty

I invited few colleagues that I work closely for dinner, who I genuinely like as person and would like to form a friendship with. It’s so much more fun to work with friends, just like I loved going to office in Manila, like hanging out with friends and doing something fun together. It will take me a while to form those friendships in Jakarta, if ever, and I am hopeful that it will be the case with few of them.

Our dinner lasted +4 hours, with a lot of chatting and laughing over food and drink. The most fun part was to celebrate it with D (first time I know someone with my same birthday!), eating two scrumptious cakes.

I was quite tired when I finished putting all the dirty dishes away (the rest of the family all went to sleep earlier), but I was quite happy how the day turned out to be. A good lovely birthday cards from the girls and husband, a relaxing afternoon in a rainy day, and cozy dinner with new friendships in Jakarta. Life is about to get better, I can feel it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “42!

  1. Happy birthday!! That’s awesome that you got together with some new friends. I am so bad at getting together with people, besides family… seriously, I’m so so bad at it! I get kind of nervous/anxious almost sometimes with people I don’t know well if I feel like I have to entertain them… I find it awkward! I don’t like this about myself though and I wish I were better at that sort of thing. Glad you had a good day but I’m sorry about your headache!


    1. I think the trick to host friends is to have more than 3-4 people so they can talk among themselves and I just tag along. 🙂 I used to get nervous around new people but over the years it got better. Sometimes we need to force ourselves.


  2. Happy birthday!! I turn 42 in February so am right behind you in age!! Your celebration sounded really fun! I hope you find new friends in Jakarta but it can be a long process to find people that you connect well with. But my wish is that you find them soon as good friends add so much to add!

    Here’s to another wonderful year!!


  3. Happy Birthday!!! All the food looks so good – and I’m amazed with that tree. So festive and original. Sorry about the headache, but I’m glad you didn’t have to delay plans.


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