Busy few days & low key Christmas Eve

I feel like rushing around these days despite not working. We visited dentist for Sofia, a GI doctor for me, visiting IKEA to check if I can find replacement items that are considered total loss due to mold. The girls came along to IKEA and had some “snow” experience at the mall. So asian! For so many kids they’ve never seen snow in real life.

Then we had lunch at Ding Tai Feng, Lizzy’s favorite place as she loves dumplings.

then the girls had IKEA ice cream as dessert. It’s cheap, fun as we make it with the machine, and always yummy.

On December 24, we started the morning with jogging with Lizzy. She’s getting back into running after I bought her new pair of running short. Then we had climbing session. It was my first-time doing bouldering and it is SOOOO hard. It’s much more demanding in term of foot technique than top rope. I kept trying and falling. Now I am determined to get better. I think Sofia is learning faster than me, so happy for her.

Lizzy is really into it too, which makes me so happy. I told her she is so strong and persistent, she feels even more motivated.

After lunch, hubby and I went to buy bed. Our old bed which is over 10 years old got mold and cannot be fixed. The insurance is reimbursing all the claims which is great. It was quite far but I’m glad that we got a bed that we both love. It will be delivered after our Bali trip.

Then groceries run and made a low-key Christmas eve dinner. The girls wanted roasted chicken and sweet potato with marshmallows. Very easy to make.

After dinner, we watched a short Christmas movie and then open presents, girls’ favorite part. This year, we got each member of the family one or more gifts. All relatively cheap but thoughtful. I got a scent diffuser, a forever rose from hubby, and a card from Lizzy.

I was quite exhausted from running around the last two days that I went to bed before 8pm and fell asleep right after.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

2 thoughts on “Busy few days & low key Christmas Eve

  1. That sounds like a really great Christmas! We celebrated with extended family last night which was so much fun! We look forward to the gathering every year. Then today it was just our little family. My MIL was supposed to be with us but she stayed home since she has a really bad cold and doesn’t feel well. But it was nice to have a quiet day of playing with toys. The boys loved their gifts, especially our 4.5 yo.


  2. I’m so sorry you’ve had to replace to many items, but am SO glad that insurance will replace everything.

    It looks so festive and fun with the girls, but also relaxed. This is wonderful!


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