Getting sporty

It was a busy day but a good one. I had my eye check-up in the morning, one-month post-surgery. Everything is going well! What a relief! I can’t believe it has been only a month. I’m so used to my new clear vision!!!

Then I spent more than an hour at the local bank to set up mobile banking. With the language barrier, everything took longer, but I’m glad it’s finally done. When I got home, I was starving!!! Girls went to a piano studio for practice, the keyboard is okay for short term, but the keys are too soft, so during the school break, they’ll go to the studio every other day for real piano practice.

Who’s getting sporty? LIZZY! We always joke that Lizzy is lazy and never gets excited about doing sports. Well… no more. Her inner sporty spirit is slowly coming out. She had tennis lesson first. It was windy but she did well.

then the girls went to indoor climbing. They were placed with different age groups. Lizzy did top rope and Sofia did bouldering.

Sofia tried climbing when she was 4 years old, I know she’s good at it and she really liked it. In this gym, there’s instructor so it’s super convenient and I can see she can become better at it with some guidance.

The big surprise was Lizzy. It was her first time and we are all impressed by how well she did. She seems to be talented for it. She has more strength that I thought she had. She went back up again and again. She didn’t give up when it got hard, she kept trying which I love.

Seeing them climb, and other adults in the gym, it reminded my love for climbing. So after we left, I purchase the package for myself too. hahah… I’m so excited to get back into climbing AND with my girls!!!

Almost ready for Christmas. Everyone’s gift is prepared, Christmas dinner party organized, menu decided. YAY!!!

2 thoughts on “Getting sporty

  1. Good for Lizzy! I know I have heard many times that rock climbing is a great sport especially for people who might not be as into traditional “ball” sports. Rock climbing is something that requires unique skills and strength, and it’s nice that it’s solo versus a team aspect which not everyone loves. That’s cool that you are going to do it too! Ethan did a session of rock climbing classes last winter and liked it, but it was not super convenient location and we didn’t keep going. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it myself!


  2. Way to go, Lizzy! I have never tried rock climbing but I know of people who love doing it. I would like to try it sometime just to see if I could do it but my upper body strength is so terrible, I think I would struggle. But I won’t know until I try!

    Glad your post-op check-up went well and you are enjoying clear vision!! I can’t imagine waking up and being able to see! That must feel amazing!


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