15 Little things that bring me joy

Inspired by Elizabeth, I thought of sharing the list I found in my 2022 journals. This will be a list that I want to track in 2023 as well.

  • Finding the perfect non diary milk for my coffee 
  • Simple food after vacation. Bok Choy with tofu never tasted that good.
  • Walk in the early morning with fresh breeze
  • Running home before a storm
  • Slow walk with a good podcast
  • Feels up and close eyes
  • Watching a sunset
  • Waking up realizing it’s already time to get up
  • Hitting a ball exactly where I wanted (golfing)
  • Running effortlessly as I can run forever
  • First sip of water after a long run
  • Few se of cold water at the end of a shower
  • The smell of coffee making
  • The creaminess of perfectly ripped avocado with bagel seasoning on a well toasted whole wheat bread. The first bite
  • The smile of the child at the end of school day and surprised to see me at school

I just finished my unplanned long run (12 miles, 4 with Sofia), I feel so satisfied and joyful now. Hope you have a great Sunday too.

5 thoughts on “15 Little things that bring me joy

  1. I absolutely LOVE these posts. And I can relate to almost all of them…except the golfing (I haven’t been golfing in over a decade).

    Life is so much richer when we celebrate the “little” things…


  2. One thing I miss from marathon training was getting to the point where running felt effortless. I especially remember that from tapering when we would run like 12 miles which felt soo easy after the super long runs (our plan had us running 18, then 20, then 22 with step back weeks). I’ve never really gotten back to that effortless feeling and don’t know that I ever will!

    This is a fun thing to track! Something I have kind of oddly loved this week is the satisfaction of shoveling. It’s so rewarding to work have and see the fruits of your labor! And the weather has been pretty mild – for Minnesota – so it’s been pleasant shoveling weather!


    1. that would be soooo awesome! this year I’ll do Chicago (got in through lottery). next year I’ll try to do either London or NYC. But I’d be happy to join you for any fun race in the US or elsewhere. 🙂 for family friendly one, I’ve heard about the Disney marathon. let me know which ones you’d be interested.


  3. This list felt so relaxing to read. I tried to just read it slowly and think about each one. 🙂 I especially like the “running home before a storm”. haha. There’s something very cozy about storms (assuming they aren’t too violent!), and I do love the smell and feel in the air of an impending storm.


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