2023 goals

It is this time of the year again. Although I don’t follow through all of these nor did concrete plans/actions/steps toward achieving these in 2022, I am determined to make 2023 the year that I keep track of these.

The whole of thinking about bigger goals, reviewing first thought goals, streamlining them, differentiating goals vs. tasks, is a useful process by its own. I’ve started to write them down a week ago, and finally happy with it.

2023 intention: BALANCE. I can summarize all my struggles as two conflicting forces. I want short term indulgence and I want long term wellness. I want to run faster and I want to run longer. I want to spend more time alone but I am afraid of not spending enough time with the family. I want to progress at work but I don’t want to do things just because I want to progress, but rather things that I believe thing that will make a difference. The list goes on. What I realize is that what I need to seek instead is a balancing act. It is not easy but that might be the truth path for peace. So for each area of my goals, I’ll try to find the balance.

Personal goals 

  • Phone off after 6pm during the week, and on Do Not Disturb mode on weekends.
  • Learn other techniques to manage stress 
  • Meditate 20 min most of days
  • Read more with a good balance of nonfiction and fiction.
  • Sub 4 Marathon
  • 2-3 strength training per week and yoga Pilates in other days 
  • Eat real food, mostly plant.

Family goals 

  • 1:1 date with kids and hubby, ideally once a month per person.
  • Try 2 new restaurants per month
  • Try 4 new recipes per month
  • Watch new movies or shows once a week
  • Listen new albums every month

Wish list 

  • Yoga meditation retreat 
  • Hiking trips with Sofia 
  • Read a book with Sofia 
  • Run a local race with the girls 

Learning goals

  • Stress management 
  • Bone health 
  • Gut health
  • Menopause 

To organize these goals and make concrete steps, I’ll follow Sarah’s nested methods. I already ordered Hobonichi’s cousins, weekly, and 5 years journals to start the structured planning journey. During the pandemic, I used mostly bullet journal as it’s hard to make plans. But now that things are more predictable, I want the planner to serve a reminder of my plans, goals, and important events, as well as a memory stock taking. I’ve gone through BLP show notes and episodes during my holiday, I’d say I’ve listened 60% of all episodes by now. I have a plan! 🙂 Looking forward to get the journals soon and start the fun!

4 thoughts on “2023 goals

  1. I love reading about others goals! I hope you have a successful year! Chicago is a good race for a sub 4 marathon as it is a flat course! I really wanted to run a sub-4 when I was running marathons but the closest I got was 4:02. Now my marathon days are behind me as I am prone to hip issues and do not want to have another hip surgery like I did back in 2016! Especially now that I have kids!

    I started using a planner last year for the first time in a long time. I was using a bullet journal for years before that. It is great to be back in a planner, though. I use the same one as Kae – wonderland222. And I love it! I hope you love yours!!


  2. I love the concept of focusing on balance. This is always something I struggle with. I have so many things I want to do, so many things I NEED to do, and it can be very overwhelming to sort it all out and fit everything in. Especially factoring in the family’s needs, kids’ needs, husband’s needs and household responsibilities, plus work! I don’t know what the right answer is, besides continuing to work on it and keep being mindful of how we spend our time. Planning definitely can help, although I personally sometimes get frustrated when I plan things and then “life” interferes and prevents me from following my plan… haha.


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