Travel: quiet week in DC

I just came back from another work trip to DC for 8 nights. This time I didn’t set up back-to-back meetings with friends and colleagues 1) because I saw most of them in November; 2) I want to reconnect with myself and tackle life to-do list. I am glad I made this decision. Jet lag hit me hard this time. My whole body biology is messed up. I was awake 6 out of 8 nights around midnight for several hours, and had to take a long nap during the day. Yet, I still try to get the best of a solo trip.

  • I continued to sort out my finances. I had to make a difficult decision, to recognise a large loss, but I am happy I caught it now rather than later. I am very confident with my plan now and started to implement.
  • I met with few friends, not all closest one. I realised that when the person is not a close friend, the encounter could be draining, not recharging. I am glad I limited those. On the other hand, meeting close friends, those that I see rarely but every time we see each other we are 100% transparent with our deepest thoughts. Those conversations are recharging.
  • I finished “a little life” in one of those nights that I woke up at 2am, and I am so glad I got to finish it in one-go. Such a powerful book.


  • I miss my family, to the point that I don’t want to facetime with them because it makes me miss them even more. But I was worried the whole time as my younger daughter got sick with over 40C fever, followed by my older daughter, then my mom. I am glad that my mom was there to take care of them together with Tony, who had to shoulder the responsibility of the running a household.
  • I run 6 out of 8 days because DC is so beautiful, the cold weather is so nice to run outside, and only running gives me the boost I need to combat the jetlag (ironically)

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  • Every day being alone remind me how much I need my family. Otherwise I can’t enjoy what I have no matter how good it is (whatever the experience is).
  • I went to few stores and only bought a pair of shoes. I found myself asking if I really want it. Most of the time, I don’t, thus I don’t buy. This is what people calls frugality or minimalist, and I like it.


  • I ate the same food day after day and enjoy them so much. Yes, i might be boring, but they are comforting and nourishing

multigrain oatmeal with blueberries and almond butter

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avocado toast with all bagel seasoning, toast with roasted pepper hummus (not a big fan)


I don’t eat much fruits in Manila but enjoyed the oranges and honey crisp apple in DC


dinners: cauliflower stir fry rice, frozen brussel sprouts, soy sausage, greens and mushroom, cooked with unami seasoning

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it is massive!!!

last but not least, kabocha, probably my favorite food in the entire world!!!

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