Life week 10 & digital detox weekend

Another busy week at work which left me exhausted mentally and physically. Emotionally I was anxious because of the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines. We try to stay calm but when the news is in front of you 24/7, it’s hard to not get affected.

Friday I went to pick up Lizzy from school as she bumped her head and took her to lunch at Kantine, something she loves. The school is implementing plastic free, so even the serving bowl is made with rice.

I enjoyed leftover veggie soup last week, need to recreate it again. This one had broccoli, cauliflower, celery, potato, parsley and copious amount of nutritional yeast as topping. 

Over the weekend, I started the digital detox and as a result, I finished 1 book and half way through another one. Girls love reading with me too. 

Sunday we had a big crowd for the run. The weather is getting warm and humid so it was a challenging run. 

So how the digital detox went? FABULOUS!!! I think just two days I experienced tremendous benefits:

  • I felt calmer, not anxious.
  • I was present at the moment
  • I focused more on the girls when I am with them.
  • I was more patient with everything
  • I was positive and joyful
  • I enjoyed reading so much
  • I slept better and felt more energised.

Surprisingly, once I set my mind to do it, it was not hard at all. I didn’t miss checking social media. The benefits outweigh the minimal cost. I wish I’ve done this sooner.

Honestly this weekend was the best one for a long time, and doing the digital detox played a large role. For each day, I spent less than 1 hour with the phone with less than 20 pick ups.

I prepared a nice lunch for lunch and enjoyed a slow meal with my family.

Will do a full recap of digital detox next week.

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