Trying digital detox

I’ve noticed that I have been spending more time with my phone than usual. It seems to be a consequence of being mentally exhausted so I use phone to shut down mentally. This is obviously not helpful to achieve my overall goals in life. It often makes me feel information overload, anxious, and most importantly not connecting with my family during family time. Enough is enough. I am trying a digital detox for a week.

How do I plan to do it?

First I installed Moment to nudge me not to pick up my phone, set up no phone time (for me is 6-9pm).

I’ll carry a book with me whenever and wherever I go. Even listening to podcast sometimes make me anxious. And for car ride, I’ll only listen to music.

I’ll focus on the girls more, listening their stories, and do more walk with them.

I’ll read before bed instead of “reading news” on the phone.

I will report back.

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