Life week 9 and books

Last week was hectic at work. I was so tired by the end of the week that I think it is the cause of my delayed recovery from the cold. I don’t have any pain or fever, just coughing sporadically, which is annoying given the coronavirus outbreak. While it was busy and stressful in some regards, it was a great week too as some good news was shared confidentially.

Highlight of our weekend was going to Masungi family trail with Sofia. I visited the adult trail last year with the running group and was hoping they open the kids-friendly trail soon. It’s finally soft opening and we were the first ones to explore. Sofia was super excited for the adventure. We were a group of 7 kids and 5 adults

the course was short but fun for the kids

some parts are high but very safe

getting up to the tube was the most challenging part of the entire trail

lounging there at the end was nice and relaxing

The bad part was I got an allergy attack, pretty bad one. On the ride back, I couldn’t open my watery eyes, and my sinus was all congested and started to develop a minor headache as well. Once we got home I immediately took Sudafed, and within 45 min I was almost back to normal. I was surprised that tree pollen apparently really affects me. I spent the rest of the Sunday afternoon napping, reading and a 90 min home massage to end the week.

Food wise was a bit boring in the sense that the same thing almost everyday but I do enjoy them a lot so I don’t mind.

Breakfast oatmeal with some leftover shredded zucchini that needed to be used up with copious amount of almond butter

salad with tons of veggies as topping. this one had lettuce, roasted cauliflower, eggplant, pico de gallo, bell pepper and tofu. Dressing was tahini balsamic and maple syrup.

an office desk lunch of leftover rice, boiled spinach, roasted zucchini and bell pepper and tofu, with tahini dressing.

another one with a dressing made with boiled sweet potato, tahini, nutritional yeast and lemon. Quite yummy.

bed of lettuce topped with stir fry rice noodles with vegetables with a peanut butter sauce.

Favorite podcast of the week:

Books read in February:

I didn’t read much this month as I only managed to read on weekends as usually I am so tired by 8pm and chose bed over books. But some of these were good.

An American Marriage: this book was highly reviewed and I was excited to read it. Although it was quite entertaining and I finished in a weekend, it was an impactful read for me.

The sun is also a star: another mediocre read about a teenager love story.

What I know for sure: I finished this book in 24 hrs and loved it. I am not a big fan of Oprah before as I haven’t watched any of her show, I think I like her after reading this book. Her voice is humble, deep, and enlightening. Most of things talked about in the book I already knew but I still feel resonated and glad to be reminded.

The course of love: I am half way through it and found it amusing but sadly true how it perfect describes the course of a love life. Love doesn’t end with the wedding. The challenging part just gets started.

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