Life week 8

It was a super busy week at work. We are at the end of a big projects so tidying up the details take a lot of time and effort. I am glad to have a group of motivated and enthusiasts team to work with me.

Another highlight of the week (also work related) is that I met someone very important for lunch spontaneously. By important I mean someone who has the power to influence many people’s life, shape policies, and change direction of a country. It could be daunting to meet with someone like this but I wasn’t intimated. Instead I enjoyed our non-work lunch talking about my life in Argentina, economic and political crisis in Argentina, Jesuits, Chinese presidents, etc. Really enjoyed that encounter.

While I was very busy with work, still managed to snap picture of our food.

I made a smoothie bowl for husband twice this week and he love love them. He couldn’t taste what is made of and kept saying it tastes like ice cream. This one contains frozen cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potato, strawberries, 1/2 scoop of protein powder and chia seed.

I still enjoyed massive salad with the cheesy sauce. I like a mix of cooked and raw veggies for my salad and tons of the sauce. 

A black bean quesadilla filled with onion, black beans, shredded zucchini and vegan cheese

tried zucchini chocolate oatmeal and wasn’t a big fan

stocked up my breakfast oatmeal: oatmeal, pumpkin, chia, flaxmeal, protein powder, cacao powder. run out of quinoa 😦

made a carrot sweet potato ginger soup for husband lunch next week

leftovers for lunch on Saturday

Sunday must be my favorite day of the week because it’s total relaxation. It started with our group run ending in a big breakfast spread at one of the runner’s place

Unfortunately I had to work for few hours

then spent two hours in the afternoon finishing this wise book

loving this part

As I enjoyed a 90 min home-spa massage, I prepared snacking station for the girls while they watched movie, their sunday treat. 

Girls had cereal for dinner, Tony had leftovers, and I had another bowl of oatmeal. No cooking, no dish washing, everyone’s happy doing their own thing while I found my center again, recharged for the busy week ahead.

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