Life week 7

We had a great week, productive and fun.

The girls had sport day at school. Sofia’s class

her best friend

love her move

Love seeing Lizzy having fun with her friends. 

It was a good week of food. Still obsessed with oatmeal. This combo has blended sweet potato and black sesame paste.

a stir fry with oyster mushroom, zucchini, vegan sausage and mushroom, on brown rice

homemade bibimbap, basically lightly boiled vegetables with soy sauce and sesame oil, pan friend tofu, and bibimbap sauce. Super easy but very tasty. 

made vegan shephard pie for hubby’s lunch next week

random mix of leftovers (broccoli, lentil pasta, tofu) topped with this cheesy sauce

on Valentines day, we were planning to go out for dinner with the kids. But it was a friday, payday, so the traffic was terrible and husband arrived late at home. So we stayed at home and celebrated with this amazing vegan ice cream. 

and the next day we played golf on the course together for the first time, what a great way to celebrate Valentines. Husband played poorly but said he was very happy that we play together. 🙂

Sunday= fun cooking day. I made loaded potato nachos using the same cheesy sauce

and a salad for me with pico de gallo, baked tofu, eggplant, and cheesy sauce

with a side of baked sweet potato (over burned)

and we played more golf Sunday afternoon while the girls were in a play date. What a great way to relax 🙂

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