Life week 6

Quite an eventful week. Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Asia, some activities were cancelled last week for Sofia, including her mandarin class. But this week, the teacher tried virtual class and Sofia had a lot of fun “having” her class in my office.

She also brought back class pet to home so Turner was glue to her for few days

Food highlights include this quinoa oatmeal pumpkin combo with Almond Butter and coconut chocolate jam. Soooo good.

a salad topped with pico de gallo, falafel and scrambled tofu

stir fry veggies with mushroom tofu paired with brown/red rice

I ventured to make vegan kimchi as standard kimchi uses fish sauce. IT was relatively easy to make and it turned out FANTASTIC!!!

Saturday was a busy day. After my 6 miles run, I had breakfast

went to a 75 min yoga class

played golf (9 holes) on the site for the first time. What an experience! I LOVED IT! Being outdoor, greens, walk, few swings, now I totally understand why people likes golf. I can’t wait to play with Tony, that would be a great bounding time

I hope the girls join us someday too

Dinner was yummy: greens, homemade vegan sushi, kimchi, and radish cake.

Sunday: the usual running outing with Sofia

Sofia is getting stronger. The coach arrived a bit late, so she run with me nonstop for 2 miles.

Sunday lunch was another great meal: DIY sushi and a Korean miso veggie soup

It blow my mind how authentic it is. I don’t think I’ll order in a restaurant ever again now that I know how easy it is to make.

I was quite tired the rest of the day so we just hang out and relaxed. 

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