Life week 5 and January books

Coronavirus is getting me and everyone else in the office very nervous. We had our first meeting all wearing mask last week. But then we were informed by HQ that masks are not needed nor either advisable for non-sick people. What a relief because masks have run out in BGC already.

I went home to have lunch with this girl everyday, which is super nice because it’s just me and her alone. She tells me about her school and friends.

Saturday was groceries day and the stores are extra packed. Are we all stocking up for the massive spread out of the virus?

We made sushis for dinner and the girls loved it! They demanded to make Saturday dinner sushi night every week. For fillings, we had cucumber, maple syrup sautéed carrots, scrambled eggs and teriyaki smoked tofu

best meal for me was this salad make with lettuce, cucumber, homemade pico de gallo (so simple!), scrambled tofu, tahini-miso-lemon dressing and nutritional yeast. Paired with steamed corn. Soooo good.

Sunday group run with me doing 6 miles tempo run and 2 miles cooling. I hit below 9min/mile for 6 miles, felt so accomplished. Sofia also enjoyed her run and running games with her new friends. 

once home I enjoyed my new combo: polenta oatmeal with roasted pumpkin, cacao powder and vegan protein powder, topped with strawberries chia jam and almond butter. Soooo satisfying. 

Sunday is girls cooking day too

Lunch was chipotle beans salad

and homemade vegan radish cake with sweet-spicy sauce. Tony loved it

After another sushi lunch, we made chocolate chip cookies

20 minutes later, the girls enjoy one each with a cup of milk. YUM!!!

My reading goal this year was 25 books, but I finished 4 already in January.

Lifespan: it’s a book that I learned about from the Goop podcast which left me very intrigued. I am so glad to know that there is ongoing researchers looking at how to delay aging. Many parts of the book read like a science fiction but based on science. Major take away:

  1.  Fast often. It will trigger anti-aging hormones in us. I try to do 12-14 hrs fast daily.
  2. Eat plant based diet. Check!
  3. Exercise daily. Check!
  4. Embrace the cold. Similar to #1. 

The Great Alone: I had high expectation about this book because I like the author. It is a good story about resilience and family. But I found myself get distracted few times to keep with the story.

Drive The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: what motivated people? Money? Status? Peer pressure? This book tries to use evidence based analysis to argue that inner motivation as opposed to external motivation is more reliable, long lasting, and powerful. My takeaway is that conventional motivating tools might actually be counterproductive in certain circumstances. It is a quick read with simple messages.

Endure: it looks at the science of what makes great athlete great. It has tons of literature and science in each chapter, which I found boring/redundant at the time. But the message is powerful. If one aims to reach human limit in endurance sport, this is a good read.

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