Life week 4

It was Chinese new year on Saturday and we started with a dragon dance in our building. The kids were super excited about the dragons and the candies and coins that were thrown.

Traditionally the big meal for new year celebration is the new year eve, but I just came back from a 2 days business trip and wasn’t feeling well to cook on Friday evening. So instead we had a big lunch on Saturday, a vegan feast.

Sauteed kang kung

sweet and sour tofu with carrots and black fungus, which the kids liked 

a salad with eight ingredients symbolizing good fortune

backed pumpkin with a spicy topping, my favorite dish

a vegan fish made with eggplant and oyster mushroom, very tasty.

casserole of vegetables, tofu, mushroom and glass noodles.

a wrap filled glutinous rice, tofu and mushroom, and oyster sauce

dsssert was a glutinous rice filled with dry fruit and bean paste, a classic 

we saluted grandma

celebrating new year with my favorite people in the world is a blessing, especially when the world is going turbulence. 

on Sunday, Sofia joined me to my group run. Her first time

we had a runner who volunteered to be the kids running group coach. They run/walk/play for an hour

and enjoyed their breakfast while the adults socialized

it was a big group. I was so glad that Sofia got to experience the run with a group, the camaraderie and the social aspect of an otherwise lonely activity.


What a great weekend! 🙂

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