Life week 12: when is the end?

We are still in quarantine at home and although it has only been two week (only!) it feels like ages. Not being able to have human interaction other than your family is hard. Working from home while home schooling and having to do chores is hard. But I keep reminding myself that we are grateful to be health, have enough supplies at home, still get along with each other, have access to the gym and pool, and have friends living in the same building. But still it’s hard. The hardest part is we don’t know how long it will last, we don’t see the light yet and I think things will get worse before going better, and that is probably few months away.

Things that I do to keep my sanity include:

Making a plan/schedule for the day, Sofia does her too. It allows me to have some structure. But last weekend I got to prepare an emergency project and  all the schedule went out of the window, it turned everything to work, 7am-9pm. Sofia asked me why are you still working on a Sunday (our family day). It was hard to explain but I told her, mom is working because people is starving, and I am doing my part to help them survive. She nodded.

We have a stocked up snack station at home, and when feeling anxious and stressed, anyone of us just walked there and get the fix. 

To add to Sofia’s activities other than 1-2 hrs school work, she does cosmic yoga everyday, and sometimes kids workout class too. And she goes to the pool almost twice a day, that’s their heaven. 

They still get to play with other kids, both are my colleagues kids, and I like preparing lunch for them as a way to force me to take a break from work.

I know this pandemic is probably the worst we will witness and live in this life, and I know that we will come out the other side stronger and more grateful for our daily activities. The kids would have learned to fold laundry, mop the floor, get used to clean up after playing. True team work to have a clean and happy home. 🙂

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