Life week 13: stress cooking

I lost count of how long it has been that we are lockdown and stacked at home. two weeks? it feels like ages! I feel particularly bad for the girls who really miss school and friends. I do my best to keep them positive and active but with my crazy workload it has been hard. I think we all learn about ourselves and each other during this difficult time and when it all ends, we will have sweet memories of it. I just hope the end comes soon. 

Sofia’s school is sending online class with different portions of school activities (shortened version) such as Physical Education

They also have ZOOM for 30 min three times a week. Lizzy is not very engaging though. Fortunately she does play everyday with her BFF as the girl’s mom is my coworker and we are less strict with distancing.

I enjoyed my last run on the TM last week as our gym has been officially closed last Saturday. 

I almost entered into an existential crisis as running is what keeps my mental sanity. So the next morning, I tried what otherwise could be considered insanity. I run around our 200m garden loop for 60 min!!! That’s insane right? But while I was running and listening to podcast, I thought it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I was surrounded by beautiful bushes and flowers, no traffic, no people, very quiet. I was grateful to not have to run in my living room. hahahhaa.  Then the next day I tried to run outside on the street, trying to spot policeman to avoid them, fortunately nobody told me to return home. I am not sure if I’d do more garden loops or outdoor. But I am sure I’ll keep running. 🙂

I’ve been ordering vegetables nonstop so afraid of running out of food. But we were short in fruits, so I went to Costco and embraced the wait. I arrived 30 min before opening and the line was already quite long. But once entered it was all fine, and I didn’t even need to wait to check out

I think I bought one month worth of fruit and other essentials 😉 I feel very safe now.

I’ve been using cooking as my end-of-day unwinding activity after a long and stressful day of work. 

I found some frozen blueberries in Costco and started having them in my quinoa oatmeal and loving it. 

had salad twice for lunch last week as I usually don’t have much time to cook for lunch. this combo had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, roasted pumpkin and cauliflower with tahini sauce.

we run out of tofu and I found some soy bean in the pantry so I made tofu

and it turned out perfect!

we had another sushi Saturday

I made this topping using leftover soy pulp, panfriend until dry and mixed with soy sauce, sugar and seaweed. It is amazing!

both girls love sushi

Sofia class had a weekend activity to use oreo to make luna… and they had it for dessert 

Sunday evening I made a classic shanghai noodle dish with pan fried green oil dressing. The girls loved it as well as the husband. 

To a great week ahead 🙂

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