Day 53: no bleed day! YAY

That’s my feeling after full day of no nose bleed!!!! What changed? Our new system consists of:

  • saline spray every 2 hours
  • hydration throughout the day
  • No AC directed to the face

We will continue with this for 1 more day, then maybe reduce saline to every 3 hrs. I really hope it was caused by dry air at home and nothing more serious.

We all miss traveling. This picture was taken in our last summer trip to Europe, this was San Sebastian. Can someone transport us there RIGHT NOW???

IMG 3528

After a busy day of work and home schooling, we watched an episode of Some Feeds Phil, Venice episode. The girls really want to visit that city, which looks magical to them, and indeed it is. I went there in winter, I’m sure summer is even better. But before Venice, I want to take the family to Greece (Mykonos and Santorini in particular), Buenos Aires, and New Zealand.

I know that we should be grateful to be alive, healthy, employed, and even have the privilege of thinking about international travel to wherever we want at this moment. But being confined at home for almost two months is really mentally taxing for everyone, so we need to start dreaming when this is over so we feel hopeful that it will be over soon.

Where do you want to visit first?

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