Day 52: family portrait

I got another blood nose scare yesterday. I was so frustrated that Sofia continued to experience daily nose bleed. No major but annoying. Now, I’ve switch her sleeping room with Lizzy to see if the AC in Lizzy’s room is less drier than her room. I’m also encouraging her to drink more water during the day, and today I’m applying saline spray to her nose every 2 hrs. Hopefully it’s really just driven by dryness and nothing serious. With the covid situation going to doctor office for checkup became so difficult, I feel losing my mind over this already.

Anyway, our day started with waffles with almond butter and honey. Girls love this and eat it while listening to kids story podcast.


Lizzy’s homework yesterday was to make portrait. She grabbed the mirror and started to draw, then she draw Lizzy with mom, then with sister, and daddy, and family added grandma too.


final product: so lovely! She’s finally into art and crafting. And she’s just as family centered as Sofia. Always wanting all the family together.

I am amazed by how resilient are they. Despite being stuck at home for close to two months, they are still laughing, playing, and excited to start the day every morning. It’s so easy to feel down when we think about the negative side of things, but there’s always bright side into everything, we just need to raise our head and look at it. 🙂

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