Day 51: “picnic day”

Sunday feels the same as Monday when you don’t leave the house, when you work 24/7, when kids are at home all the time. The only difference is that they don’t have distant learning on Sunday. So we try to do something special on Sundays. And yesterday the highlight for the girls were homemade pizza on their picnic mat, and movie night.

My highlight? starting my day with a good jog (in the living room) and my beloved and still not tired breakfast!


Then I did decluttering together with the girls. I am easily annoyed when I see mess in the house. Before home quarantine, we had helpers who keep the house sparkle clean and ordered, now that we haven’t had them for 7 weeks, we’ve finally converged to a system in which every morning the girls order their room and the living room where they left toys, then I do tidy up, and hubby clean the floor, all before breakfast so we start the day clean and ordered. It really gives me mental peace and good mood to start the day. And over the past weeks, I have decluttered different part of the house, so every corner are clutter free (until the next cycle).

Then it was lunch time: kale chips, bok choy, stir fry tofu with broccoli, green pea and basil, cucumber salad and leftover korean rice cake. Tony and I talked about people in China enjoying their holidays post-COVID, which made me miss traveling so much but at the same time gives me hope that this will end one day, just hope this one day comes soon.

Fullsizeoutput 1291e

and the girls enjoy their pizza

Nose bleed update: once in the morning while playing, little blood, stopped after 15 min holding the nose. We continued with saline spray and the allergy medication.

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