Day 50: quarantined

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I want to resume daily blog to really reflect and remember this unusual experience, probably once of lifetime experience.

Work continued to be hectic but very rewarding, so I won’t complain. I realized everything is about mindset. Bringing positivity everyday helps us to endure the most difficult situations, even seeing the bright side of it. I am enjoying my morning job in my living room as sun rises, super happy to adopt few new plants from neighbors that left

Now even the girls got used to do some sort of exercise everyday when they wake up. They rotate between cosmic kids yoga, kids cardio, homemade obstacle course. As long as they move their body and have fun, i’m all for it.

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My comfort food: quinoa oatmeal with frozen berries  and peanut butter sauce. I feel so satisfied after this bowl.


a quick salad to use up last bit of veggies.

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One thing that has been my constant concern is frequent nose bleeding of Sofia. It happens once every few days or sometimes twice a day. Not too much but frequent. We even went to ER once to make sure she doesn’t have anything serious with blood coagulation, despite the covid situation I was so worried that we ventured to the hospital. Fortunately it was quite empty so it was relatively quick visit. A week later it happened again and we had another virtual consultation and got some allergy medicine and more saline spray to moisture her nose. The doctor was not too concern and says it happens often with the kids in AC environment. That is true, it didn’t happen so often before only when we started to be in full lockdown, not even allowed to go to the garden. Hopefully this gets relaxed after May 14. Meanwhile we do everything we can to minimize the frequencies.

11 more days to go until we know if ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) can be shifted to GCQ (General community quarantine).

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