Lizzy turned 4!

Lizzy turned 4 on 4/18. It was a very quiet relaxing day at home. Although we couldn’t do any party, not even inviting her best friend, nor any trip as originally planned, we had a great day at home. Lizzy was super excited the whole day. From the moment she woke up, she was telling everyone at home that today is her birthday, and throughout the day she was singing, dancing, running around super happy. She even prepared for a pretend trip 🙂

Fullsizeoutput 128ad

She definitely grew to a little girl the last year. From a shy girl when she started in her new school, crying every day when we drop her, to now turning to a chatty box with her BFF, the transformation was evident and amazing. Although she’s 4, I still call her bebe. I tried few times stopping that and call her cutie, but I couldn’t help myself to turn into bebe because she is truly the baby of the family and she cute and squishy. I love her baby boss, her chubby arms and feet, her innocent smiling face, her constant need to be with the sister, her generosity, her constant excitement, her way of moving around the house (running!), and much more. I know that I am much more relax with her than I am Sofia, mainly because I want to enjoy the babyhood for the last time.

Although the girls fight in a daily basis, they are very close and miss each other when they are not together, which is really lovely to see.

IMG 4761

I made a simple but yummy lunch

Fullsizeoutput 128a5

and then we made a vegan lemon cake together

Loving her silly face.

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