Week 15: the new normal

Entering 5th week of quarantine. While we all feel we want to get back to “normal”, our current life feels normal too, which is a really weird feeling. I think we have two more weeks to go before we can hope the Government relaxes the strict quarantine. Until then, we will keep being healthy, make the best of our family life.

Being stacked at home really spurred some creatives in them.

IMG 4688

a simple old box entertained them for few hours

IMG 4701

and stuff animals are their new friends


They have been cooking more too. Last weekend we made pizza

28gLlgxaTQqfuDJ ByjV1w


when they participate in the cooking, everything taste better


we run out of cheese so even a cheese-less pizza was popular


Husband continued his 99% vegan journey and I’ve been making different concoctions for him like this massage salad with roasted veggies and cooked beans with homemade hummus

Fullsizeoutput 127fe

kids vegetarian meal

Fullsizeoutput 127f9

I made kimchi again using napa cabbage, radish and carrot. So simple and good way to preserve vegetables


We have transitioned to make lunch our biggest and only cooking meal I do (honestly I can’t cook 3 meals a day).


and leftovers for dinner

Fullsizeoutput 12813

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