Day 55: complaint free day

Another day nose bleed free!!!

Yesterday morning I was jogging in my living room (yes, that’s how desperate I am to get some sweat) while listening to podcast, finding my zen, the girls came out and the first phrase Sofia said was about complaint! And I told her, I don’t want to hear any complaint today! If you have a problem with your sister, you two find a way, or you’ll both be in your respective rooms alone for the rest of the day.  Oka, I did threaten them a bit but it was effective. I didn’t hear any complaint for the rest of the day.

This quarantine experience made me realise few things that really dries me crazy:

  • messy home
  • negative energy (complaint, criticism)
  • not having alone time.

Always new things to discover oneself 🙂 As long as I have these three things checked, I can be in a calm mood no matter how busy I am.

My meal schedule is all over the place these days. I eat when I am hungry or when I am free and relaxed, meaning I don’t have an urgent task to deal with. So sometimes I eat breakfast at 8 or 9, others days my first meal is 11 or 12. And then I eat again when I’m hungry again. I do prepare structure meals for the rest of the family, I just don’t always eat with them. Like yesterday I ate my lunch at 2pm, this bowl of leftovers veggies from family lunch with a mix of red rice and lentils that I batch cook and freeze.


We got red dragon fruit and Lizzy was so proud of her Dracula face 🙂

I hope we all learn to focus on the positive and stop complaining about others. We control what we can control, and let the rest follow its own course.

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