Day 56: Dressing up

We had a good day at home with me starting upside down view. Since quarantine, I’ve been doing 20-30 min yoga everyday, most of the day to stretch after the jog, somedays a bit more challenging. I can feel I am getting stronger.

I wake up around 4:30am most of the days. Spend 30-45 min drinking water, mate while reading blogs, then start exercise routine. I don’t usually run every day when I was not quarantine, but now I feel needing everyday. Since I jog slowly in my living room, 60-75 min becomes very easy and I love listening podcast while jogging. It calms my mind actively. Then I do some yoga and stretching, and when I am not rushing to start the day, I do 15 min bath, either checking not relevant work emails, or watch some youtube. So relaxing, it makes everyday feels like weekend.

Yesterday I had a work meeting, and I dressed up casually, a gigantic upgrade from Pj, and put some makeup to look presentable. Probably second time in the last 2 months. It’s amazing how it made me feel energized for the day.


I am in charge of preparing breakfast for the whole family. For husband, he likes to have a big breakfast, usually consists some oatmeal with bread or waffle or pancakes. I made hummus as spread.

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I made sushi for lunch for the girls. It is such a simple meal but kids love it because it’s fun to have toppings and wrap it up.


For the adults, I made a buckwheat veggie stir fry with peanut butter which was delicious, and some green beans.


The girls were doing some yoga before bed time, but obviously they turn it into play. 🙂 It is nice to see them finding joy in very simple things in life that doesn’t involve toys nor gadgets.


I am still not back into reading mode. After they go to sleep, I can only browse through some feeds before feeling sleepy.

Oh… another blood free day. 🙂 Let’s keep it up.

One thought on “Day 56: Dressing up

  1. Found your blog through Shutterbean and popped in, just wanted to say I love this journal project you’re doing! It will be so lovely to look back on one day 🙂


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