Day 59: embracing the sweat

Yesterday was the first day we survived without AC at home in a tropical climate (summer month) of Manila. It was sweaty but we survived. The reason for the trial was to see if AC was the culprit of Sofia’s nose bleed, thanks to my best friend’s tip. Well…. so far no more nose bleed. I was surprised how quickly everyone adjusted to the new normal (that’s the phrase of the year!). The kids didn’t complain being hot, I had bare cloth on but did fine, the husband complaint a bit and turned it on for a while. But overall, I think we can live without AC most of the days.

Monday is also hectic. I had five meetings with one of them me being the presenter. The team grilled me with questions. I couldn’t say they were not engaged 🙂

The girls were busy doing homework and playing, always cheerful, a bit too cheerful sometimes 🙂

Lunch came quickly as I had 30 min to prepare before connecting to another meeting. Thankful husband is in charge of cleaning and cutting, which takes more longer than the actual cooking. He has embraced to this new role, does it patiently while listening to an audio book. The highlighted dish was a sweet potato daal curry cooked with coconut milk, so yummy. We served it with black rice.

Fullsizeoutput 1299e

Almost two months of home quarantine! HUUUUUU! Why knew we could still be smiling at this stage, but we are.

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