Day 58: nearly perfect Mother’s day

This year I had little to no expectation for Mother’s day because we are in extreme situation, we can’t go out, so there’s nothing to plan. They can’t get gifts so I shouldn’t be expecting any gift. So actually it turned out one of the best mother’s day ever, because I had little expectation but got more than I hoped for.

It was nearly a perfect day. Nearly because it started too early, 3AM with Sofia nose bleeding again. I know… I’m super tired of this blood issue, but we are implementing a new system (minimal to no AC at home and definitely not Sofia’s room at night) and let’s see if it works. After I was done dealing with that, I slept a bit more until 5:15am, got up, did my usual morning routine, jogged for 90 min, did 30 min yoga, super slow morning. Love it. And when I came out from the bathroom, I got a lovely card from Sofia. She has preparing it for days secretly. I love this age, when she can express herself more than three words. And I love that she loves mom so much. hehehe…

The treat of the day for me was a groceries run. Yeah… leaving the house for groceries is the only outing we get to do these days.


Lunch was simple: vegetables, tofu, leftover salmon

Fullsizeoutput 12979

Then it was quiet time for the girls and nap time for daddy. I got quiet time for myself to read while enjoyed an iced coffee (to cope with no AC situation)

Fullsizeoutput 1297c

Then the gift from hubby was homemade chocolate cake, made by himself and the kids. I asked him what will you give me for mother’s day. He said nothing because all the stores are closed. I responded: but you can make a cake, your effort to create something yummy is good enough for me gift. And voila… the end product. It’s honestly the least sweet in taste chocolate cake i’ve ever eaten that sweetened the last corner of my heart 🙂


On this special day, i go through the birth of them, and they are as clear as yesterday. The beginning of their life marked a new world for me, both times, in different ways. Motherhood is the most challenging job ever, because we have so little control over how things will turn out for our kids while we feel we have the full responsibility of the outcome. Yet, it’s the most rewarding and beautiful journey there is.

One thought on “Day 58: nearly perfect Mother’s day

  1. Eli, como va el sangrado? Las chicas comen todos esos vegetales??? Que es el plato de arriba a la derecha? Con que lo condimentas? Necesito inspiración!!! Ya no se que cocinarle a esta familia 🤦🏻‍♀️


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