Day 60: You Me We

Another sweaty day at home but no blood. All good for me although it led to forced social distancing with hubby who couldn’t get his head around how can I stay calm in a 32C room without AC. Well… you know what’s that called? Mother’s love.

For some this period might feel like an eternity, but actually for me time flies. Every time we reach Saturday I can’t believe another week has passed. Moving from morning to lunch time and then to dinner, and before I realise it, it’s time for bed. I guess it means I’m not having a hard time with this way of living, but rather “enjoying” it.

My days are filled with things that I enjoy like exercising, seeing girls’ face upon wake up, cooking dinner for the family, and quiet time for myself; things that I don’t enjoy much but it takes my mind off, thus de-stressing as well, like tidying up the rooms, laundry, and occasional cleaning the dishes. Things that I dislike is when people waste my time with pointless meetings/zoomings for the sake of feeding their ego. Every time that it happens, I check FB or Instagram, to make it less painful.

Something fun that Sofia and I started during lately is fill the book You Me We! A parent kid set of books to know each other better. We’ve been rationing it, doing 1 or 2 pages every day before end. It is fun! I learned that Sofia has a love and hate relationship with Lizzy, she feels loved whenI smile at her, and silly when she does cross eyes. It would be good to do it every few days to see her growth.

Lunch was pizza! So easy and they always love it. Less work for mommy and happy girls. 🙂



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