Day 61: quarantine related list

I think we are approaching some relaxation of home quarantine starting this Saturday so this morning while jogging, I made a list of things I want to do after quarantine, and things that I’ll miss about this special period.

Things I can’t wait to do once out of quarantine
– run outdoor and meet my running friends
– watch girls play in the pool while I read or listen to a podcast
– brunch. Suddenly I am craving avocado toast made at restaurants. Pretty and thick toast.
– drop by someone’s office just for a chat. I miss my office friends.
– see myself and hubby dressed like professionals. Sick of being in PJ 24/7.
– travel alone and with the family

Things I will miss once we are out of this home quarantine
– slow mornings, especially bath in the morning just because I can
– do household decluttering during the day
– witness girls silly moments and capture them. There have been countless times that I hear them saying or doing something that made me smile and grateful to be there to see/hear it
– cook more elaborated meals
– take a nap whenever I want, although I rarely do it even now
– not work when I don’t feel like

It seems that the second list is longer. go figure 🙂

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