Day 62: trying no devise during meal time

I need to confess, I am guilty of eating with my iPhone if I am eating alone and this is not good for mindful eating nor good modelling for my girls. I feel that as parent, I am often reminded by myself that the best education to kids is self-modelling. If I don’t want them to do something, I should stop doing myself. And if I want to encourage a behaviour, I should do more myself. What a pressure!!!

So yesterday I ate breakfast with a recipe book, which is a more smooth transition than staring at the table. Not bad. I felt more relaxed as my mind was less stimulated.

Talking about good behaviour, I am proud to say that Sofia has become an avid reader now that she can read. I just got a new set of books (she’s read dog-man, the entire set 10 times according to her), and she has been glue to it since I picked it up from the office.

Meanwhile, yesterday after a busy morning, I took the afternoon off to read (Quiet) and watch an episode of Billions season 5. I finally confirmed my suspicion that I am more an introvert than extrovert. I enjoy alone time and prefer smaller group interactions. What is comforting to know that not only extrovert could be good leader. Actually, for more technical subjects, introverts are better intellectual leaders. 🙂


lazy lunch of leftovers. The girls love sweet potato fries.

Fullsizeoutput 129aa

Also, I made aduki buns. They look very weird but I promise they taste amazing. We all ate more than one when they were still hot. so YUM!


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