Day 63: what I want to pass to my girls

Since Sofia got her new set of books, she has been glue to them. Every time she has a break from something else, she’d grab the book for hours. Last night when we read in my room before bed, she laughed while reading, the joy in her face is priceless, and she said: reading is my favorite activity in the world!

It made me think what values and skills I as mother I want my girls to learn from me and it came to my mind:

  • reading. Not necessarily to learn anything but because it calms our mind and soul, it teaches us to focus, to be imaginative and creative. I am very glad that Sofia already found joy in reading, much earlier than I did. I think I only became an avid reader in my teenager years as my parents never read.
  • exercise. Not for its physical benefits, more importantly its mental benefit. It also teaches patience, perseverance, hard work. The joy to be better at something because of the hard work and hours we put in is the essential beauty of any form of exercises.
  • travel. This is something that my girls already love because we’ve been traveling so much since we moved to the Philippines. I think one of the hardest part of quarantine is not being able to travel, to explore, to see the world, to endure the unfamiliar and uncomfortable part of traveling. We miss it, we need it.
  • family. As a small family living away from our extended family, family values came into play even stronger than before. I can see that in their drawing and stories, it’s all about family. They love we do everything as a family. Family is the only thing that it matters. 
  • nourishing food. Eat to live not live to eat. Eat what makes us feel good for long, eat what nature offers us in its most basic form. 

I have many more things I’d like them to carry for the rest of their life, but these are the core.

Forgot to take picture of their yummy food (curry chicken with potato and carrot, green bean and rice). I wasn’t hungry at lunch time, so waited until they went to their room for 2 hrs of quiet time to enjoy my refreshing salad: butter lettuce (so tender!), zucchini, green bean, pan friend tofu, and carrot ginger dressing with cashew nuts. YUM!


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