Day 64: obsessed!!!

I had a different title in mind for the post in the morning but my afternoon and evening experience was more intense so this title is better fit.

Have you watched Normal People? I heard so many buzz about it, people either hates it or gets obsessed with it. I clearly belongs to the latter group. I haven’t even read the book but the series is brilliant. I started watching it the other day 2 episodes and half distracted. It was good but a bit slow and kind of standard plot. But yesterday afternoon, I immersed myself into it completely. Even few times when I had to return a text, I’d stop so I don’t miss any look and word of the characters. Yes, it’s about teenager first love, but it is more than that. It portraits perfectly our experience when stepping into the adult world, friendship, love, family, the wonder of if we’d ever fit in, the search for our soul, the need for someone who understands us fully, and the longing of someone we are so deeply in love and need. My tears come and go, my heart moved, it brought me back to decades ago, when i experienced many of these feelings. And then it made me wonder, is it even possible in the real world to find someone who’s your best friend, who fully understands you that is also your lover. Some lucky ones can find all these into one person, but for most of us it is not the case and this is fine. According to Esther Parel,  the expectation of finding all in one is the very fundamental reason for unhappy marriage and infidelity.

After I finish the series, I ordered the book, read dozes of reviews. I like Connell more than Marianne, but both a fantastic actors and chemistry between them is incredible. Highly recommended for any age!!!

My day started with 60 min yoga, first day of not jogging in the living for a while. After a month, my mental strength finally broke when we were informed that we can now jog outdoor with a mask during 5-8 am and 6-8pm. It’s like my mind just switched off and said: no more living room please. So I listened and did yoga instead. When I finished, Lizzy came to make me company. As I stared at her foot and felt the urge to capture it. Her foot is the cutest foot I’ve ever seen, and replica of the bigger version (daddy).


and this picture popped up in Timehop.

IMG 5010

After morning cleaning, I prepared lunch. First a tofu dish made with tomato and noki mushrooms that I love.


then fish cake (baked fish fillet, mashed potato, panko and seasoning).


We linger around lunch table for over an hour, the girls learning to eat like adults with a bowl and full plate of vegetables.

Fullsizeoutput 129c3

the rest of the day was spent with Normal People. Obsessed!!!

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