Day 65: First outdoor run in a month

Who knew I’d be so grateful to run outdoor at 32C and humidity of 87%! I wouldn’t believe it for myself just few months ago. Everything is relative!!! 🙂 I run 7 miles and was surprised that my living room jog kept my cardio fitness quite well as I basically run the same pace as before if not a bit faster! I felt so fulfilled after the run and shower.

Then morning happened and I don’t remember what we did. And it was lunch time already. We had self served sushi with assorted fillings: carrot, cucumber, zucchini, avocado, egg, tofu with satay sauce, fish cake, with mixed black and red rice. And some baked sweet potato and sautéed cabbage as side.

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Sofia’s first one

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always excited to have sushi


Lizzy as well

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While all the family napped, i made honey milk bread. So soft

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then after nap, we went out as family for a walk. Still not sure if kids are allowed to go out as guideline is still unclear, but we were not stopped so walk around for half hour before kids wanted to return home (mosquitos, heat)! 🙂


it was the start of getting back to normal. I can finally see the light 🙂

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