Day 66: being kind and compassionate with kids

Sometimes I think I am a good mother, other times I think I am a terrible one. Especially when I lose my shi* and yell at my girls when they ask for things when I’m deep into my thinking. I always feel bad afterwards as they are just little person who wants to interact with mom. Maybe I should lock myself when i need to focus 100%.

Sometimes I think I am a good mom, and that is when my girls feel sick/bad. No matter what time and no matter how small, I always rush to them to be with them and do something to comfort them. Yesterday Sofia had tummy pain without clear reason, I don’t judge, I simply rub her tummy until she feels better. The second time it was 3am, again, I just get up, go to her, give her some warm honey water, rub her tummy until she’s better. Obviously I can’t fall back into sleep and got up at 4:20am. Physically I am a bit tired but I am happy to be able to provide her comfort whenever she needs it.

Compassion comes from love, that’s what my girls taught me these years.

Some highlight of our day other than my glorious run outdoor (6.2 miles and I could have continued for another 6). Girls love the homemade bread with jam and almond butter. How wouldn’t?

We Lizzy’s BFF over for lunch


and I made pizza, always a favorite for the kids.


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