Day 67: fresh air finally!

After I finished my morning run, I asked the police if the jogging path is open for kids. Now that metro manila has shifted to modified enhanced community quarantine, outdoor exercise is allowed between 5-8am and 4-6pm. However, it was not clear if the kids are allowed to go out as they are treated as vulnerable groups together with 60+ and pregnant women (which I don’t agree). The challenge of living in developing country is that while policymakers have good intentions, the overall capacity of the government is very low, thus implementing those well-thought well intentioned policies could be a challenge. Unless you spell out EVERYTHING, then different officials will interpret it differently, and ALWAYS take the cautious route. So misguided implementing rules are all over the place, especially during COVID as there are new policies everyday. I feel and understand the reason and try to help when I can, but when I’m being personally affected, I get frustrated too.

BUT at least the girls got some sun exposure and fresh air yesterday and they were super happy about it. I had to take them separately as per rule one parent one kids per family.


Lunch spread: fish, cucumber salad, seaweed salad, bok choy, green bean, sauteed sayote with fungus and corns.

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as snack, I had few bowls of steamed sweet potato.

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then after dinner I made some breakfast items for the family using red bean filling, one in a pie form


and one as filling for buns


some days I find cooking because I have to as chore, in those days I make very simple meals (noodles, dumplings, pasta), other days (which is most days) I find cooking a relaxing activity so I like to wander my mind while cooking. Our fridge is always filled with prepared food/baking goodies.

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