Day 73: revelation on happiness

Yesterday during my morning run I listened to the BEST podcast for a long time. It’s from How to fail? S4 Ep4 with Mo Dawdat. It is REVELATION!!! It is the second time I listened to Mo Dawdat, he’s so eloquent, so wise and soooo insightful. I don’t always pay attention 100% of the time while running but yesterday I was completely absorbed by it. I inmediately bought his book Solve For Happy

Mind blowing concepts I learned:

  • Happiness is our default state. Have you seen an unhappy baby?
  • To be happy is to remove what makes us unhappy
  • Happiness have nothing to do with material possessions (fully agree!)
  • Our thoughts is by product of our brain, we can tell “Becky” otherwise. Becky is his brain talking, the negative voice. We should listen, observe, have a discussion with her, ask for evidence instead of taking her words as truth

and so much more. I can’t wait to read the book which I read the sample, which asks the reader to write down a happy list. I’ll think about it and post tomorrow.

After my run, I walk with Lizzy and Sofia. It’s nice to get some fresh air for the girls.

Lizzy loves to stop for water, although she just walked for a min šŸ™‚


It was holiday in the Philippines, so fortunately not so many work emails, worked for few hours before lunch. Pizza day! Also made fried shrimp, assorted vegetables (green beans, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, celery  leaves salad), leftover radish seaweed soup and salmon.


One thought on “Day 73: revelation on happiness

  1. Ooh I’ll have to check out that podcast! I think happiness is very much perception on the situation… but I agree that in shelter-in-place it can be tough, especially if you are a more extroverted person that likes to get out and do things and cannot handle routine/same day (hey, it’s me!). šŸ™‚


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