Day 74: My happy list

My happy list (with no particular order)

  • Quiet morning time when everyone is sleeping in the house.
  • Being in nature and seeing green or water.
  • Running and where it takes me and who it introduces me.
  • Exhaust my body with physical activity.
  • Wandering mind while cooking.
  • Cook meals for my close family and friends.
  • Inspire other people by action.
  • Reading a good story.
  • Hold hans of my girls and Tony when out.
  • A good movie with Tony and both of us falling sleep while watching it.
  • Travel with Tony alone with no plan.
  • Travel with the girls and see the world through their eyes. Everything is exciting!
  • A good podcast and be enlightened.
  • Watch sunrise and sunset.
  • A clean and tidy house.
  • Planning for a new trip.
  • Travel alone for work.
  • Returning to home after a trip.
  • Wake up naturally without an alarm.
  • Surf social media leisurely.
  • Eat a colourful plate of food that is nourishing that leaves me satisfied but not too full.
  • Laughing with the girls with something silly.
  • See love between the girls.
  • Seeing Tony reading to the girls.
  • Walk with the girls alone and have a conversation.
  • Take a cold bath after run.

What a long list, and none of them requires money and much effort. Writing them down is a good reminder that happiness is everywhere. 🙂

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