Day 75: be kind when giving feedback

I was super focused at work today, worked non-stop from 8:30am-2:30pm. I was tasked to review other people’s write-up on topics that I am not familiar with. Everyone has a writing style and our institution has a particular writing format/style, so as I review them I can’t help but edit some parts. When it was time to send back, I had to pause and remind myself how would I like to receive feedback, what has been the good and bad feedbacks I’ve received, and those that made me angry. Then it came to mind that being kind, being honest and humble would be the right approach. I hope the teams who received my feedback felt my honesty and effort to recognize their good work despite needing some revisions.

As I become older, I value kindness more and more. I know that for many I’m smart and efficient, but probably not many, if any, would think I’m kind. So it’s my mission to change that perception. To me being kind means being considerate, compassionate, fair, and human. I hope my girls can grow up with these values.

Late lunch was a massive salad.

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Lizzy got a new scooter and both girls got a new LOL, so they are extra happy. We are very minimalist with toys. First, i think boredom is good for them as it encourages them to be more creative and they always do (there is always obstacle course and hide and seek to play). Second, Sofia learned that plastic is bad for the planet, so less toys means less destruction to the planet. Third, toys means clutter in few days and it brings unhappiness to mama. Fourth, money is better spent to experiences than toys. BUT, one toys every few months is okay, they are kids and I’m human 🙂

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