Day 76: entering a “new normal”

The new normal is the buzz word these days and we just entered one. That is one of our helper is BACK!!! We had two live-out helpers pre-COVID and because of the quarantine, our building didn’t allow them to come back. So we lived without them for 2.5 months! I know tragedy! The state of our condo is near unacceptable condition no matter how many times I ask the girls to tidy up, how much nudges I need to give for the husband to clean the toilets/floor/laundry. We did a great job as a family to survive this period, but we are ALL SO HAPPY to have the helper back. Now we are back to peace and love. My mental fog/mess when looking at the dirty/messy house is finally gone! My happiness level just got a super boost. Even Lizzy was so happy, kept smiling alone all day long.

Next week Manila will transition to General Community Quarantine, which means swimming pool will be allowed to open. That will be a big boost for the kids and husband (who has done zero exercise during the last 2.5 months!).

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While daily cases continue to stay around 200-300, life is slowly shifting back to normalcy or the new normal. I really hope we don’t see a second outbreak that will force the government to lock people back home again. For that, each one of us needs to practice social distancing, avoid crowd, and cooperate with officials.

Lunch was served. I still need to cook as this helper doesn’t cook well, but I find cooking relaxing so I don’t mind. Cooking for my family is part of my happy list 🙂

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