Day 83: humid run and new helper

Highlight of yesterday was a very humid morning run, I think it was 85% humidity and 36C at 5:30am. But I still enjoyed the run. I’m in a running streak, target 30 days and I’ve done 20 already. Going strong! Will report back the experience.

When I got home, our new helper arrived. She could only work for 2 hrs because she’s helping the previous employer to pack their things. But even 2 hrs of her work made a huge difference to our quality of life! She even made bed, organised bookshelf and clean up the spicy rack! What an efficient lady, I already like her. My source of headache (messiness) is about to end very soon! YAY!!!

Girls had their last day of “school”. I thought they would be sad but they were fine. They just like each others company and happy to spend more time at the pool, twice a day now.

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I was very busy with work so didn’t have time for a proper lunch prep, simply made fried rice for the family. Do you have any default quick means? Ours are: fried rice, pasta with cheese, dumplings, noodles. Very kids friendly meals that even adults find them as comfort food. I can make in under 10 min and they are all a balanced of carb/protein/vegetables.

I have something fun task tomorrow: finding a nice zoom friendly spot at home, and do a dry run of an important event next week which I’ll be taking the lead role. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 83: humid run and new helper

  1. Our quick lunches are nothing fancy. Usually just either sandwiches, soup, or sometimes we make quesadillas or macaroni and cheese or something like that. For me, it’s usually just a salad with some diced chicken and parmesan cheese and an apple, sometimes I like to have tuna at lunchtime too. I’ve been trying to get my boys to be more responsible for “making” their own lunches so I don’t have to drop everything in the middle of my work day to feed them. (I work from home and I don’t always take my real break over lunch hours). They should be capable of putting some deli turkey on bread and grabbing a yogurt and banana or something! But they always prefer for ME to make something, or sometimes they will just “snack” all day instead of eating an actual meal….


    1. so nice that your boys are old enough to prepare food themselves. I can’t wait for that day to happen in my house. Even my husband doesn’t do that.


  2. Default quick meals are the go to around here. I live alone so I never really take the time to make really time intensive meals. So I generally stock up on deli-meat, refrigerated grilled-chicken / grilled- turkey, frozen veggie burgers / turkey burgers when I hit up the store each week so I can throw together quick sandwiches, salads, wraps, etc. Do you have certain foods that you or your kids simply won’t eat? Will your new helper be doing some of the cooking? If so that might make the summer a little easier! 🙂


    1. My older daughter doesn’t like meat (both in texture and because she likes animals) so she eats a lot of vegetables except greens.
      I love to cook so I think my helper will do prep and I will continue to cook. things might change when things go back to normal but so far I enjoy the cooking break.


      1. Oh goodness … must be difficult to cater to the different taste preference during the quarantine. Are there any foods that you can get delivery that your daughter will eat? I know you mentioned McDonalds the other day as something that she would eat … but are there vegetarian foods there?
        Also, if you have any easy recipes for good tofu based recipes I would love for you to share them! ❤


      2. My favorite tofu recipe now is a Korean one. Very simple to make: Pan fried firm tofu for 5 min each side in medium heat. Meanwhile mix soy sauce with water, sesame oil, some sugar, minced garlic and green onion, and red pepper. Pour the sauce to the tofu, cook until the sauce is half reduced. Simple but super tasty.

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