Day 83: rehearsal day

I have a big event next week where I’ll launch a report, usually we do face-to-face with over 100 people, journalists, and government officials. It’s THE event for the office. But now we are forced to do it virtual, which comes with a set of challenges. For instance, my camera setting. Since the lockdown I rarely turn on camera when I do meetings because I always look bad, my kids and husband jump in and out of the camera, background is our fan. Definitely not camera ready for The event. So yesterday I asked our communication colleague to help me to find a good spot in the house so I look decent. After some spot searching, we settled in my bedroom, facing a white wall. I learned few things along the way to be camera ready:

  • have natural light in front of you and a lamp overhead
  • camera shows up to my chest
  • do not wear white
  • clean background
  • some powder to the face to take out the shine.

I asked my daughter to take a picture of me… how ridiculous this is. hahha… messy bed, slippers, sitting on a bench.


but in the camera I look okay (don’t mind the AC fan), I moved after this pic

I also got delivered a new monitor from the office since work from home will be the new norm. I feel instantly more productive being able to type in a keyboard and not having to bend to look at my laptop screen.

Mq99 A4ZRMKrUvhPweyXBQ

the rehearsal went well. My team grilled me with touch questions (imitating what I’ll get journalists). It’s my 4th time to do this so I’m not necessarily nervous and consider myself media smart by now. But this time, given the COVID situation and high degree of uncertainty, i’m sure i’ll get some unexpected questions from journalists and audience. It will be fun!

What I really appreciate about the experience is that whole team was there to support me, they did a lot of behind the scene work just for me to shine that day. Even the colleagues there participated yesterday for the rehearsal, they were very engaged and thought about tough questions, and provided honest and constructive feedback. I love my team! 🙂

We also got a big delivery from things I bought from China including 4 sets of puzzles, some crafting projects, and a juicer. The girls and the husband were soooo excited to try watermelon juice! I’m looking forward to get fresh vegetable delivery to have some green juice. It’s soooo hot in Manila these days (over 40C in the afternoon). All I want is day-long juices/fruits.

Our evening usually goes like this: Sofia very concentrated with her reading, I’m half concentrated because i’m often distracted by funny things that Lizzy does. She’d flip through books and then announces:” I’m going to do some stretching”, which is this funny position! 😀


2 thoughts on “Day 83: rehearsal day

  1. Hehe! I giggled at “don’t wear white!” That’s a good one! You would just disappear into that wall otherwise! Haha! Good luck on your big event. I’ve just recently been following your blog, so I’m not totally clear on what your career is exactly…but it sounds important! You seem ready and well prepared.


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