Day 84: crafting and reading day

First full day of work for our new helper! She’s amazing!!! She started at 7:30am and didn’t stop until 6:30pm I think. I’d be dead if I do what she does. Spotless and all tidy up, she even re-folded all our cloths in closet!!! Sofia finds her way of tidying up very romantic! (go figure what’s her definition of romantic). and the “shy” Lizzy found a way to play with Berly since day one. Wooo! They keep surprising me and I love it!

I did some “crafting” by labelling the jars using my new toy, sooo cool!

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Since Berly was cleaning the kitchen and fridge, I didn’t cook lunch, instead ordered some vegan fried chicken and burgers for the family.

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very generous serving of the vegan chicken. I don’t know what it is made of but it looks like chicken texture and quite tasty.


Lizzy is a big fan of chicken nugget so she was happy to try it, and really didn’t notice it was not really chicken.


the name of the restaurant was less stelar. hahahaha….

I made myself this combo: cabbage, tofu, and tomato (need to clean up the fridge before big delivery).


and a steamed corn (delivered from China!) For new readers, let me tell you my two food obsessions: pumpkin (kabocha preferably but unfortunately no where to be found in Manila) and corn! I can live on this alone!!!

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after lunch Sofia started one of the crafting project which requires TONS of patience!!! This girl does have patience and grit. She spent 2.5 hrs doing this little pieces in her room during quiet time. When she came out she said her head was tired, so she’d take a 5 min break and then continue. 😀 so proud of her. I think i’ll ask her to do mine too.

I spent the afternoon finishing this book. It has a good twist and happy ending. Life IS tragic and life IS complicated. How can I pass that wisdom to my girls? that’s the big question. So far their world view is good/bad, mean/kind, black/white.

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Q: what are you reading/crafting?

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