Day 85: reconnecting

Reconnecting with the husband. He was napping and I was reading in the same sofa, and suddenly I had a realisation that while we’ve been stuck at home together 24/7 for almost three months, somehow I felt disconnected from him the last couple of weeks. Life got busy with work, homeschooling and chores. At the end of the day i was tired and just wanted to be alone for 30 min to an hour before falling asleep after the girls go to bed (8pm). Usually at that time husband and I spend some time chatting about our day, reconnect after being away “physically”. But now that we’ve physically together all the time, somehow this habit got drifted, and I don’t like it. “there will be no change if you keep doing the same thing” came to mind, so when he woke up from his nap, I crawled under his arm and said: somehow I feel like we are living like roommates lately. He didn’t speak but I could sense he was reflecting. Then we chatted for about an hour in that position, and we both felt reconnected. At night after the girls went to sleep, I was already ready to sleep too but husband came to room to catch up. Although we only talked for few seconds, it felt nice, getting the old habit of reconnecting at the end of the day back.

Sunday (aka: no plan day) was relaxing. I made a green juice with the new juicer. It was not as easy as my old juicer, but after some trial and error, the juice was done.


then I made a banana cake using dates as sweetener and it turned out like a treat.


The girls were busy with crafting and colouring, while I started a new book permission to feel

I helped Sofia with her project and it was actually fun, not as tedious as I expected. Somehow the manual repetitive action has a healing effect to my busy mind.

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made lunch while the family went to the pool. Now they go to the pool twice a day, before lunch and dinner.


very colourful stir fry with carrot, okra, sayote, fungus, corn and tofu skin

Fullsizeoutput 12b41

a shrimp silk tofu dish that Lizzy and husband loved

Fullsizeoutput 12b49

my latest obsession: these korean rice plates. So crunchy, slightly sweet. Husband says it’s too plain but I love its crunchiness.

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Q: how do you connect with your loved ones during quarantine? what’s your favorite snack lately?

3 thoughts on “Day 85: reconnecting

  1. Aww. So glad you got to reconnect with your hubby. That’s sweet, and important.

    And I can’t get over how DIFFERENT your food is from what we eat at my house! It’s so interesting! I love it. Thanks for sharing.


    1. hahaha…. we are chinese from birth but I lived abroad since I was 10 (argentina first and then the US for 11 years), so our food is very mix cultured šŸ™‚


  2. I think its so great that you’re prioritizing that time with your husband. I live alone and I know for me when I am with my family I really try to prioritize conversation and put the phone away because we are all so used to communicating through text/IM/social media that we sometime forget that human interaction is so needed.

    I also have to agree with Kae that your foods look so much healthier than foods here in the USA. I think you should share how you get food / groceries during quarantine and then maybe again once restrictions are all lifted.


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