Day 87: being brave

It was a busy day as it was the launch of my report, virtually. After months long preparation for our first virtual launch, the came finally came. I was very nervous about my internet connection to be disrupted during the event, fortunately didn’t happen and everything went very smooth. Over 250 people connected and after the main event, I was grilled by over 30 journalists with tough questions for 40 min. I think it was my 5th or 6th time doing this kind of events with journalists and I am used to it but always remind myself of some tricks that I learned from my first media training, things that I didn’t know before

  • Do NOT make into headline. I’d expect that the whole point of being interviewed by journalists is to make into headline right? WRONG! Usually those headlines are misquoted, so not making into HEADLINE should be the goal.
  • Focus on my message! Journalists ask tough questions, often time not related to my messages. The trick is to respond: this is a very important conversation, but the focus on our report is xx, and circle back to my messages.
  • Feed journalists soundbites. When preparing my script, I look for short soundbites that would be good to use as title. This makes the job of journalists easier and avoid they find something that I don’t want to be the headlines.
  • Have the script ready and share with them. Again, this makes their job easier but also avoid being misquoted.
  • Keep media Q&A short. When people run out of good questions, they ask stupid questions.
  • Keep answers short and concise to avoid being diverted.
  • Repeat repeat repeat on my messages. Don’t worry about being repetitive because we want these to be remembered

These are valuable lessons that have kept me out of trouble (you’d be surprised how easy and often people to get into trouble with journalists!)

Fullsizeoutput 12b68

After being locked in my room for 2.5 hrs, I came out to prepare lunch for my family who were kindly entertained themselves and did not entered my room. Lunch was ready in 20 min. We had sautéed bok choy, bean sprouts, okra with tofu skin, and ingredients for sushi (tuna salad, carrots, cucumber, brown and red rice), and a leftover dish that I used to eat when I was kid and both girls LOVED!!! It’s made with pototo and egg, maybe next time I make it, I blog about it so you can try too.

Fullsizeoutput 12b6b

Now, someone was SUPER BRAVE. Lizzy!!!! I took her dentist as she has some big cavities. We went to a new kids dentist and after check in, the nurse told me that the doctor wanted to talk to me alone first. I was surprised as I’ve never been asked to do so with any other doctor. So, I asked Lizzy to stay alone at the waiting area, which she did fine. The doctor told me that her practice with kids involves treating them alone in the room because they find kids behave better when parents are not alone, just like being at school with the teachers. She told me in details what she plans to do with Lizzy and asked me to cooperate. I was skeptical because I know that Lizzy hates dentists and is usually a bit scared to be left alone. I was expecting to hear some loud cries and scream but I was ready to try. So I took her to the doctor office and left the room quietly as instructed. I waited outside. I heard the doctor talked her through what she expects from her, what she needs to do. No sound. Then few minutes later she started to cry and I thought “there you go”. But to my surprised the cry stopped almost immediately.  Then few minutes later the doctor came out as the nurses took x-ray, and she told me that she’s doing very well, following instructions. Then she went back to the room to do the cleaning and cement, still not much fuss, just some noise as she was uncomfortable. 20 min later, Lizzy came out with two prizes. Even when she was uncomfortable with the procedure, she asked the doc to give her two prizes because she wants to take one for the sister. SHE MELTED MY HEART!

I was full of emotions when I finally saw her. I kept telling her how brave she was to be alone in the doc office, not crying but cooperating, just like big girl, and that I was sooooo proud of her. I could tell she felt proud of herself too. IShe really surprised me on how she behaved, somehow I felt like she suddenly grew up!

Sharing girls dinner as I realise that I rarely post dinner pictures. Usually they have something very simple as dumplings with tomato

Fullsizeoutput 12b6f

rice cakes with vegetables and shrimp

Fullsizeoutput 12b73

and they always have fruits 30 min after dinner as dessert/snack.

4 thoughts on “Day 87: being brave

  1. So glad your important call went well!! It sounds like you were prepared and did an awesome job.

    Way to go, Lizzy, on being such a brave girl! That can be scary and it sounds like she really toughed it out!! 🙂 She looks so sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How interesting about your visit to the dentist. My friend who lived in vietnam for a few years mentioned that dentists in asia sometimes aren’t always the best. Seeing as you lived in the US for a number of years would you say that there is a vast different between your dental experiences in the US and the Phillipines? I just went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning and while it was strange (new safety protocols due to covid-19) but fortunately no cavities and my teeth are good to go for another 6 months!

    Congrats on your presentation. I had a big conference call this morning too which I think went well and I will be able to submit my project now that the meeting and follow-up emails have been handled!

    Any improvements on your air conditioning? I know you mentioned that it had broken. We are hitting temps of 90 degrees this week and I would be a disaster without my Air Conditioning!


    1. I haven’t visited dentist for myself but the kids dentists are really good. Overall the healthcare here is good for expats (more expensive) as people here in the Philippines are really nice and good disposition to help and serve.
      Our AC is fixed but to keep my daughters nose not to bleed frequently, I’ve tried to minimise its use and so far we’ve been adapting well.
      Congrats on your conference too, it’s a big weight lifted isn’t it?


      1. Oh wow … how long has it been since you’ve been to the dentist? I personally can’t go 4 months without getting my teeth checked out (I hate the idea of getting cavities). I am so glad that your daughters will be able to go to a good dentist though. I am sure those are hard to find! 🙂
        I have my airconditioning on for the summer and likely won’t turn it back off again until the fall eek! I don’t do humidity or heat! I hope you guys can find a way to have the air on and have the girls not get bloody noses at the same time! 🙂


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