Day 86: do you want to be famous Sofia?

I got a text upon wake up and it was from Sofia’s BFF when she was a baby. Her name is also Sofia and they spent 4  years together at daycare and had their first ever sleepover before we left DC in 2017. Sofia S’s mom sent me the link to Sofia’s youtube channel. I was WOOOO!!! She’s 7 and she has a youtube channel????

When my Sofia woke up I showed it to her. She was super excited to see her childhood friend, especially more than just a picture or video that we sometimes exchange with her mom. In the video, Sofia S has transformed from a shy girl that barely talked at school except with her close friends, to a youtuber? I was beyond my comprehension. Then I asked my Sofia, do you want to be a youtuber too? She hesitated and asked me: you said you’ll be on TV this week, you like to be a youtube too? I replied to her: I don’t like to be youtuber because I don’t like to be famous. Not everyone likes to be famous and not all impactful people are famous. She paused for few second and said: I don’t want to be famous either, I just want to be a normal people.

Few hours later when they came back from swimming pool, daddy said that Sofia announced she wants to write a book, a book about her life since kindergarten.

Oh…. these kids are just so interesting. I wonder what goes to their mind everyday?! I also realised how influenceable they are. Who they are surrounded by, what they read/watch/listen all shape their values and ideas. Fortunately I know that kids change, their ideals change because I changed so much over the years. 😉

Photo of the day: Sofia reading, Lizzy peeling her banana. 😀 Somehow it makes me smile.

Q: What did you want to do when you were kids?

I wanted to be a diplomat when I was 12. Somehow my current job has some similarity to it but totally different.

One thought on “Day 86: do you want to be famous Sofia?

  1. So funny! That’s great. It’s true, also- not everyone needs to be famous! I read some advice once that some people are better off “leading from the middle”- meaning, be great in your own way, influencing those around you as you go, not necessarily up in front with all eyes on you.

    I wanted to be a veterinarian for a long time, then I wanted to be a lawyer for many years. I got scared off of the lawyer track when I didn’t really enjoy my first political science classes in college- for some reason I thought that meant I couldn’t/ shouldn’t be a lawyer. I sometimes regret it now- I think I may have been good at it. Oh well! So hard to know what to study when you are 17/18 years old leaving high school…. I ended up becoming a nurse, but I’ve never felt “passionate” about it in the way I wish I did about my career. I now work as a nurse data analyst which I do like a lot, and I can work from home doing it which is wonderful. But I wouldn’t say it was my “life’s calling” really. I sometimes feel I have certain skills and talents left unused here. But, it’s hard to make real changes at this point!


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