Day 98: a romantic day

It was a romantic Saturday.. why romantic? because hubby was my focus of attention that day. Somehow during this quarantine I felt that I’ve neglected him because he’s the adult while kids are more in need of my attention. I’ve been rushing to do things with the girls and alone time, and didn’t really care too much what hubby was doing. Then I realised Sunday is father’s day and I had nothing planned. So after my morning bath, I went to meet him in bed (we have such different sleep schedules, I sleep from 9-4 ish, he sleeps 12-7 ish) and asked him what he wanted for father’s day (yeah, very romantic). In his half sleep he said he didn’t need anything, but then we just hang out in bed for almost an hour chatting, half sleeping, just be together. That reconnection continued throughout the day. In the afternoon when girls stayed in their room, hubby and I watched few episodes of a new series (first one since lockdown!). When he told Lizzy that daddy will spend some time with mommy, Lizzy said while being funny: are you going to kiss her? hahahaha…… I don’t know where this association came from, but it made me laugh for a while. So we spent 2 hours watching the series, both very focused, into something together. And that was romantic! 🙂 It felt like we were “taking a vacation alone” just like last December.

Our day started with 20 min yoga, 1000 meter swim with the girls. Sofia did 800 meters, this girl is so strong! She’ll pass me anything soon.

It was a productive day at the kitchen too. I made this sweet potato quinoa cakes as snack. super easy but very nourishing for when  I need something substantial for snack (cooked sweet potato mashed, add quinoa, some almond milk, form balls, flatten in sesame seeds, and bake for 20 min, can’t get easier than this).


I also made chinese chives empanadas. I used whole wheat flour instead of while flour and was skeptical because the dough was hard


Girls were happy using leftover dough to make heart shape cookies 😀

Lunch was served: other than the empanadas, I also made baked salmon with red onion, seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and brown sugar, greens, broccoli and green beans.

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the empanada turned out great! Even Sofia really liked it and asked it for dinner again. For the filling in addition in chinese chives, I added shiitake mushroom, smoked tofu and scrambled eggs.

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I also made granola, this time oil free and sugar free and it turned out fantastic! For sweetener, I made a applesauce with dates, and then simply mixed it with rolled oats, silver almonds, cashew and coconut chips.

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Both hubby and I love having granola plain when we want something crunchy and sweet. Full of energy and without any of added sugar and oil. Love it. Will definitely make this more.

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Q: What’s your favorite snacks?

I am not a big fan of snacks as I prefer larger meals. But sweet potato, granola, sometime fruits are my to-gos.

5 thoughts on “Day 98: a romantic day

  1. Honestly, I am not much of a snack food eater either. Generally if I am feeling snack-y I will grab an iced coffee from the coffee shop with a granola bar or a rice krispy treat. Have your girls ever made rice krispie treats??


  2. Awww, that sounds so nice! I’m so glad you got some time to reconnect with your husband! I think you’ll find it gets easier and easier as your girls get older. We can now pretty easily just send the boys outside to play or let them watch a show of their own or just do whatever and go in our room and watch a show or something. We can leave them home alone now too to go for a walk alone or even out somewhere for a little while. I agree I sometimes get into the habit of either spending time with the boys, or wanting time just alone to myself! It can be hard to remember to prioritize that time with my husband, too. It’s always so nice when we do.


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