Day 99: low key father’s day

I am terrible buying gifts for my husband. I used to love it but now that I’ve been together for years, I don’t find buying not-needed-gifts practical and against my value of minimalist lifestyle when it comes to material things. He has everything he needs or I buy them to him when he needs them, so when it comes to holidays like birthday, valentines, father’s day, anniversary, we are quite low key. We only really think about an important gift (not even material) for birthday, the others, we just wing it. So yesterday was the same.

I had my first long run since lockdown. I can run 10 miles without fuel but water when I sleep well any day, so for me long run is when I run more than 10 miles. I didn’t have a distant goal but a time goal of two hours. It was hot and humid but I was committed. One hour in, I started to feel weak, I had a Gu, and told myself to wait for 15 min to decide to cut it short or keep going. 15 min later, I got a second wave and finished the run strong. The GPS was not accurate as I had 5’21” min/mile pace which is impossible. I’m just glad I endured it.


glad I had the camel bag for hydration. It was so humid.


when I got home the girls were up and reading. I took a quick bath and decided that I wanted sourdough avocado toast for breakfast. So I took the girls out to buy sourdough after their breakfast.


Got home and hubby just woke up (almost 10am) and I made him breakfast as my “gift” which he enjoyed a lot

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and a crumplet for his dessert. It’s the baby of a croissant with donut, local invention.

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The girls gave daddy their gifts… very cute

The after long run exhaustion (which I actually like) left me just want to lounge all day long, so i didn’t make lunch. The girls had their favorite local junk food from pancake house: spaghetti with garlic bread.


and assorted donuts.

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my girls are not big in sweets. They love the idea of donuts/cakes/ice cream but often feels full/satisfied after few bites, especially Sofia, so they save some for movie time later in the evening.


Hubby and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a new series, addicting, and the girls enjoyed almost 2 hrs of movie time with popcorn, fruits, and donuts. Happy Sunday! đŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Day 99: low key father’s day

  1. What a fun day. So glad that you were able to get in your long run and then spend some time relaxing. I did a bit of an endurance bike ride this morning and then I kind of chilled the rest of the day! đŸ™‚


    1. And for some reason I finished the message before I meant to. Do you have a favorite gift that you would like to receive? I know you mentioned that you aren’t a fan of material gifts but are there any non-material or material ones you’d like to get for your birthday or another holiday this year?


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